Friday, January 19, 2018

Life is Beautiful with C'est la Vie

Hi everyone. In my last post I chose to showcase a few of the neutral tones of this beautiful new C'est la Vie collection. Today I have gone with more colour, focussing on the roses and foliage and the amazing base sheet that is just ready for some trimmings. This is a really simple page and incorporates the patterned paper, decoupage sheet, chipboard and ephemera. You can bulk it up or leave it fairly flat so it can still fit into a sleeve.
Take a selection of ephemera and decoupage pieces. Ink in a coordinating colour and give shape to the leaves and petals.
Ink around the edges of the 12x12 patterned paper.

I wanted a soft colouring to for the chipboard. Lightly coat with gesso, let dry then dab layers of ink to coordinate. Use dark colours as they soak in and lighten. It will give you a mottled stone look.
Start to layer each of your pieces as pictured.

After you've got your ephemera and chipboard in place I have tucked some muslin in and around the foliage to give it a subtle lift and some more texture. This is optional.

Until next time Happy Creating! K
Products used to complete this project:
C'est la Vie Collection

K x 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Love and Laugh with Ce' La Vie

Hello everyone and welcome to our creative journey for 2018.
It's fabulous to begin the new year with a new collection and today I have the soon to be released C'est la Vie Collection.
I have made 2 simple layered cards using the 6x6 pad and the ephemera pack focussing on the beautiful neutral tones included in this range. A few layers and a simple greeting and we are ready to spread new years joy!!

I have cut a piece of the fern print from the 6x6 pad, 9.5cm wide x 14cm high.
While trimming the fern print I have utilized an offcut of the striped print from the reverse to create a decorative strip, 9.5cm wide x 1.2cm high.
I have selected the ephemera butterfly, greeting, tag and a large leaf,(cut from a pair).
I also had a chipboard rectangle that I had kept after using the greeting.
You can also trim the ephemera pieces a little further depending on the look you wish to achieve.
Ink all of your patterned pieces in a neutral tone and shape your butterfly wings.
For the greeting, tag and strip, cut a white layer giving yourself a border around the edges. Distress the edges of the white and attach the pieces as pictured above.
Attach the print to the A6 Cream card base, then the strip 3.7cm up from the bottom edge. 
Attach the tag into the lower left corner with 3d foam and embellish with the leaf, butterfly and greeting.

This is a print from the reverse of the papers that I love. Cut a piece 7.5cm wide x 15cm high.
I have selected the large flower bunch, greeting, tag, large leaf (cut from a pair from the first card)and the decorative medallion (that I have cut in half diagonally).
Again you can trim the ephemera pieces a little further depending on the look you wish to achieve.

Ink all of your patterned pieces and the A6 Cream card base in a neutral tone.
 For the base print, cut a white layer 8.5cm wide x 15cm high. Attach the 2 giving you a white border  as pictured and attach to the card base.
For the greeting and decorative medallion, cut and distress the white layers giving yourself a border around the edges. For the tag, cut a cream layer, attaching the 2 with 3d in between.
Attach the 2 sections from the medallion at the top and bottom of the tag as pictured and attach the whole piece to the centre of the card.
Embellish with the leaf, flower and greeting to complete.

Until next time, Happy Creating!! Kx
Products used to create this project:
C'est la Vie Collection
C0725738 6x6 Paper Pad
C0725739 Ephemera Set (43piece)

Couture Creations and Ultimate Crafts product:
C0723931 A6 Card and Envelope Set Cream
ULT200001 Snow White Card Stock



Thursday, January 4, 2018

You are...... by Katrina Thompson

Hi Everyone! I hope the festive season is treating you all well. I thought for my last project of the year I would do a 'pick me up' card for one of those friends and family that needs to be reminded how wonderful they are.
I am using the 'Ohh LaLa' collection. Working with the browns and creams with the coordinated embellishments brings it all together. Looking forward to creating with you all in the New Year. K x

Cut a rectangle from the patterned paper as pictured below, slightly larger than your Matilda Frame die. Flip it to the brown reverse side and cut the die set.
Cut the Butterfly out as pictured to use as an embellishment.
Cut a strip from the patterned paper pictured, 10.2cm wide, including the patterned barcode section.
Cut the strip into 2 pieces, 14.5cm, 1 for the front cover and 1 for the inside.
Ink the edges to coordinate.
Select one of the many greetings from the Die cut Ephemera pack.
Pop a few pearls on to create a point of interest.
You will have the Cream A6 card base, the print for the front, the ephemera sentiment, your butterfly and die set. Now you are ready to construct your card.
Attach the print flat to the card front.
Position your frame, slightly off centre to allow for the flourishes to fit.
Centre your sentiment into the frame using 3D mount.
Attach the flourishes and butterfly as pictured and add a few more pearls to complete.

Products used to make this project:

Ultimate Crafts Products
ULT157610 12x12 Paper Pad
ULT157562 Matilda Frame and Flourishes Die Set
ULT157628 Diecut Ephemera Set
ULT157655 Pearls 3mm, 2 colour

Couture Creations Products
CO723931 A6 Cream Card and Envelope Set

Until next year, Happy Creating!! Kx

Saturday, December 16, 2017

'Adore' with Boho

Hi everyone. Today I thought I'd create a quick everyday card in the middle of the silly season as there are still many birthdays and special occasions to celebrate during this time.
I have used just one sheet from the Bohemian Bouquet Collection with a few of the new chipboard pieces from Couture Creations new range. We'll make our own shimmer spray and add some sparkle to someones day.

This whole card is created with just one sheet.
A step card shows off the features of the floral designs. You can create any kind of step you wish.
As pictured, cut out a selection of flowers and leaves to decorate with.
Ink lightly around all the edges to blend.
 I wanted the chipboard to be muted and blended, so no priming, just ink directly onto the chipboard with a coordinating ink. A little soaks in and acts more like a stain.
Attach your chipboard as pictured and arrange your flowers and foliage to suit. Layer, tuck and weave some of the pieces to create some interest.
With the shimmer spray your cage will look even more textured.
Place a dash of the Pearl White Mix and Match Pigment Powder into a spray bottle and add water. Shake well and your ready to add a beautiful pearlescent shimmer to your projects. 
It will be a trail as to how much shimmer you want. I start with a scoop about as large as a 10cent piece. Always start with a small amount and add more powder to increase the shimmer. 
Pop a few of the Adhesive Gemstones onto the flower centres and the top of the birdcage to complete.
Thankyou for looking!
Products used to complete this project.
Bohemian Bouquet Collection
Couture Creations Brands
Until next time Happy Creating!! K x



Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Christmas Card with Katrina Thompson

Hi Everyone. The festive season is upon us and time is of the essence, so what better than a simple and quick card idea. With just a few pieces we can put together an effective card in 10 minutes.
You don't have to just make this card for Christmas though, some of the design elements in the Let Every Day be Christmas collection would also make beautiful everyday cards for those with other December events.


Team the Christmas Baroque Background die in Ivory, with 4 pieces from the Ephemera Set.
Create a finished card base 5 x 7 inches from the Snow White Card base.
Cut a coloured mat, 4 x 5.75 inches from the Battle Fatigue card stock.
Attach the mat to the centre of the white base and the die cut is then centered onto the mat.
You could also use the Die Cut and Bond when cutting your die shape, which will allow you to stick it to the mat easily.
Attach the 2 Ephemera strips as pictured. Having a contrast in colour gives the card a lift and picks up on the subtle hints of colour in the tips of the flower buds.
Attach the Ephemera flower with 3d.
Attach the sentiment in 3d as pictured, or another greeting if you have another purpose for your card.
and you are done!!
Products Used to complete this card:
Let Every Day Be Christmas
Art Deco Creations
Until next time, Happy Creating!! Kx



Thursday, November 30, 2017

Love in Bloom

Hello everyone. Thankyou for joining with me for this tutorial showcasing the beautiful colours of the Bohemian Bouquet collection designed by Denise Boddey.
In previous posts I have highlighted the Blue and Yellow Butterfly embellishments teamed with the Decoupage sheets and for this project I have focussed on the pinks from the Decoupage sheets to create the lovely 3D blooms.
This is a large card and is assembled in 3 simple stages. The pictorial breaks down the sections. You could even use the same design on a scrapbook page and substitute the sentiment with a photo!

1. Creating your base
I have selected a portion from the 12x12 patterned papers as the background. This will give a subtle hint of the design in the background.
Create a card base from the Lollypop, (pink), 20.3cm high x 30cm wide. Score and fold.
Cut a mat from the Lush, (green), 19.1cm high x 13.7cm wide.
Cut a highlight mat from the Snow White,18.1cm high x 12.9cm wide.
Cut your patterned piece as pictured above, 17.7cm high x 12.5cm wide.
Ink the edges to coordinate.
Layer as pictured.
2. Arranging the Blooms
Pop the layered pieces from the decoupage sheet. Trim around the edges allowing a small white border on each piece.
Create the main flower with 3d between each layer.
I have done a mock layout of where each section will lay on the card.
Cut the love sentiment from the patterned papers. Ink in a coordinating colour. Cut a Lush green mat giving you a 2mm border around the sentiment, then layer onto a white highlight mat giving you a 1.5mm border. Combine the 3 layers.
Lay an edge of pink lace around the outer edge as pictured, creating a soft frame.
Tuck the decoupage foliage into the top corner as pictured, this will create balance with the layout.
3. Assemble
The sentiment will be the first placement on the card and the foliage can then be arranged around it.
Products used to complete this project:
Bohemian Bouquet Collection
Magnolia Lane Collection
Art Deco Creations
Thankyou for looking, until next time, Happy Creating!! K x


Saturday, November 25, 2017

Butterflies and Sunshine

Hello everyone and thankyou for joining with me today for my newest card project.
I have been creating with the Bohemian Bouquet collection, once again displaying the wonderful colour palettes from this collection.
Today I have selected the yellow butterflies as a focus, creating sets of simple layers using the 12x12 papers. These elements can be flipped to the reverse print, changed from portrait to landscape and just a simple movement of the focus piece to a different place on the card will give each card a fresh new look.  K x

Each of these cards are created from a white base 7x10 inches. When scored this makes a card 5x7 inches and gives you a nice amount of space to work in.

Card 1.
The simple movement of the butterfly will change the look of your card. See the photo above and below. Your options are endless!!

Cut a yellow patterned base 11.5cm x 16.5cm. Ink the edges and attach flat to white card.
Cut a flower pattern as pictured 10cm x 15cm. Ink edges and attach with 3d.
Cut part of the border strip with the text and a length of blue patterned print to match. Lay the blue behind the text to create a strip of blue across the top then attach the whole piece to a strip of lace.
Cut 2 flowers and 2 leaves and create 2 sets as pictured. Select 1 butterfly.
Follow the photos to attach your elements or create your own.

Card 2.
Cut a yellow patterned base 11.5cm x 16.5cm. Ink the edges and attach flat to white card.
Cut a flower pattern as pictured 10.5cm x 15.5cm. Ink edges and attach to yellow base.
Cut the greeting out, trim the outer edges and ink. Cut a yellow print to create a 0.5mm border around the greeting. I did cut a white mat initially to back the 2 patterns to help it stand out further but chose not to use it in the end.
Cut 1 flower and 1 leaf and create a set as pictured. Select 1 butterfly.
Cut the barcode strip of the same patterns from a 12x12 and trim a piece to 16.5cm. Lay it on a piece of lace, then on a 2cm strip of white card. Attach to the card 3cm up from the base.
Follow the photos to attach your other elements or create your own combinations.

Card 3.
Cut a yellow patterned base 11.5cm x 16.5cm. Ink the edges and attach flat to white card.
Cut a flower pattern as pictured 9.7cm x 14.5cm. Ink edges and attach to yellow base.
Cut out the greeting and cut a yellow print to create a 5mm border around the greeting. Cut a white panel to create a 3mm border around the yellow. Select 1 butterfly.
Follow the photos to attach your elements or create your own combinations.

The butterflies come as 2 halves which make it easy to attach without any creases through the middle.

Products used to complete this project:
Bohemian Bouquet collection
Art Deco Creations product
Thanks so much for looking and until next time, Happy Creating. K x