Wednesday, September 20, 2017

It's Beginning.... with Katrina Thompson

Hello and Welcome everyone. I've begun a new set of Christmas card creations using the beautiful new 'It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas" collection designed by Tina Higgins.
There are so many beautiful designs in this paper range. I have found great elements from the 12x12paper pad that card makers can use for design features. Today I have concentrated on the papers with the gorgeous dies and adhesive chipboard shapes.

To make the design features stand out and give the illusion of more layering you will see that I have cut 2 layers with each of the dies, overlapping them just off centre.  This 'shadow' will give more depth to your card, so you will see one layer cut in the feature colour and the other in chocolate to become the shadow layer.

Create a square card base using the Carnelian and Battle Fatigue cardstock. Because this card is larger than 6inches you can't just halve the 12x12. So we create a hinge and by using 2 colours we give it a unique look also.
The finished card is 16.8cm square, so on the Carnelian you cut a panel 16.8 x 18.8 and fold one edge over 2cm to create a hinge to give the Battle Fatigue an area to attach to.
Cut a 15.5cm square from the Kahlua to mat the patterned design pictured below. 
Cut the 'Christmas' word and the 'holly border' strip from the patterned paper at the top of the picture then cut a strip, as pictured, from the patterned sheet at the bottom of the picture below. Continue on to cut those strips in half as pictured.
1. Create the card base. Layer the panels together inking softly around the edges of the patterned panel with a coordinating colour.
2. Cut 3 layers of the Holly Frame Die in Battle Fatigue, Chocolate and Carnelian. Layer -off centre- the Battle Fatigue over the Chocolate and use the berries from the Carnelian for the corners.
3. Cut 2 layers of the Wreath from the Wreathed Wise Men Layering Die in Carnelian and Chocolate. Layer -off centre- the Carnelian over the Chocolate to create the shadow.
4. Attach the Holly strip over the dot/stripe strip pattern so it creates a nice border. Ink the edges to coordinate.
5. Cut the 'Merry' greeting from the 12x12 patterned papers and edge in a red ink.
6. Ink the 'Christmas' greeting in a red and tuck into an offcut from the Holly Frame. 
7. Ink around the edges of the adhesive chipboard panel.
Attach the strips overlapping as pictured, 2cm in from the patterned edges.
Peel the backing from the adhesive chipboard and tuck it into the frame as pictured, yes it's a little sticky!!, then place the whole piece onto the centre of the card.
 Attach the Wreath over the Holly Berry image. Attach the 'Merry' greeting then the 'Christmas' greeting with 3d foam as pictured.
Add some Crystalina Glitin' Glamour and Deep Red 2mm Adhesive pearls to the Berries to finish.
Thanks for looking, until next time, Happy Creating!!
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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Be Yourself

Hello Everyone and thankyou for joining me again today. I have designed a page using the amazing new Bohemian Bouquet Collection by Denise Boddey.
I have concentrated on the 12x12 papers and design features from the papers for this project. The new decoupage die cuts are fantastic to 'dress' the centrepiece of the page and in addition you will find more of the fabulous chipboard and die cuts that are part of this beautiful collection.

There are so many beautiful options when coordinating this range!


Layer your Snow White cardstock onto your Blue Jay, giving yourself a 6mm border all around. Trim down your patterned 12x12 patterned piece so when you layer it you will have a 3mm Snow white border. Ink and distress the edges and attach flat to create your base.
To create the base of your central feature, cut the panel as pictured from your patterned papers. Tear a piece of Cascade card 1.5 cm larger than the patterned piece. For a softened look, add a piece of muslin, a little larger than the cardstock so you can bunch it up. Attach the cascade and muslin to the centre of your base with 3D. Keep the patterned feature aside for the next step.

Select a range of decoupage pieces and cut the sentiment from your 12x12 patterned pieces.
Arrange and attach the Decoupage pieces around the patterned feature, then attach the whole panel to the muslin base on the centre of your page.

Cut the large Doily die, then cut the centre out for your photo. Ink the edges to give a gradual fading look. Layer the piece over the circular section of your patterned feature, overlapping some of your leaves and flowers.
I have cut the branches into 3 sections and the Moonlit Orchids into 2.

Heat Emboss the Moonlit Orchids with the Glacier White. Warm up the tips with your heat tool, not enough to melt the powder, then rub some of the Blue Pigment powder in. Heat again to set the pigment onto the pieces.
Heat Emboss the Branches with the Peridot.
 As with the Orchids, warm the tips to rub in the Pink pigment, then reset with the heat tool.
 I have also rubbed a little white paint over the whole piece, to blend and soften and coordinate with the Decoupage designs.
Once you have all the chipboard covered attach as pictured. Add your sentiment and fill any spaces with more of the small Decoupage pieces for little pops of colour. 

Products Used
ULT158030 Bohemian Bouquet 12x12 Paper Pad
ULT158042 Bohemian Bouquet Diecut Decoupage Set
ULT158074 Bohemian Doily Die Set (2pc)
ULT158364 Moonlit Orchids Chipboard
ULT200001 Snow White Card Stock
ULT200078 Carnation Card Stock
ULT200018 Blue Jay Card Stock
ULT200022 Cascade Card Stock
CO725868 Corner Branch Chipboard
CO725543 Blue Mix and Match Pigment Powder
CO725541 Pink Mix and Match Pigment Powder
CO724963 Glacier White (Opaque) Embossing Powder
CO724981 Peridot, Pearl Gems Embossing Powder

                                                 Until next time, Happy Creating, Enjoy! K


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Boho Dreamer

Hello everyone. Today I am sharing with you a card using the new Bohemian Bouquet Collection designed by Denise Boddey. When designing this card I have focused on another colour variation in the beautiful palette that this range brings to you. You will see another of the new dies in action and also the beautiful chipboard designs that compliment this range along with a dash of hot foiling. I hope you enjoy. Katrina

Cut a piece of the Jungle, (green), cardstock to fit the Jungle Background Die. Attach a piece of the Die Cut'n Bond to the back of the cardstock ready for die cutting.

Once die cut, remove a portion of the inner floral section away from the frame.

Using the center doily from the 2 piece Fine Doily Chipboard Set and your Go Press and Foil Machine, I have coloured coordinated the doily with the patterned papers using the Pink Mirror Finish Heat Activated Foils.

Cut the lady and Hope sentiment from the 6x6 paper pad as pictured.

Blot the doily with white ink to give it a mottled appearance. Attach the lady to the Hot Foiled Doily. Dust the die cut with white ink to make it appear cloudy and cut a patterned matt, 10.5cm wide x 15.2cm high, from the 6x6 patterned paper as pictured.

 Cut a selection of the flower elements from the 12x12 patterned paper sheet as pictured.

Tuck the 'Hope' sentiment between the petals and leaves and mount with foam tape behind.

Card Construction: Cut a Snow White matt, 11.3cm wide x 16cm high and distress the edges.
Cut a Precious, (pink) card front 12.5cm wide x 17.5cm high. Ink the edges in white to soften. Cut an additional pink strip, 1.7cm wide x 15.7cm high, ink the edges in white and distress them.
Cut a Jungle, (green) card backing 15cm wide x 17.5cm high. Fold a 2.5cm vertical hinge down the left edge.
Attach the pink and green to form the card base. Overlap the green hinge, butting the pink edge into the fold. 

Attach the Snow White matt as pictured.

Center and attach the patterned paper as pictured. Attach the pink strip along the left edge and cut a 1cm strip from the 12x12 patterned paper to run through the middle.

 Peel away the backing from the Die Cut n' Bond and attach to the card base.

Attach the lady using foam mount tape. Arrange the flower elements around the image to complete.

Thankyou for Looking, Happy Creating!! K

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Monday, August 28, 2017

Lady in Red

Hi everyone. Today I am sharing with you all the first of my projects using the stunning new range, 'Bohemian Bouquet' designed by Denise Boddey. I love the colour variations and design elements of this new collection and have a number of additional projects underway to bring to you soon.
With this project I have concentrated on using the 6x6 paper pad as well as incorporating the chipboard and dies. Although there are lots of little details and 3d foam, the depth is still minimal, easily slipping into an envelope.


Cut the small doily from the Bohemian Doily Set in 'Jungle'-Green cardstock and have dabbed it in a white ink.
                            Dab the Bouquet Doily Chipboard piece in a red ink, leaving it patchy.

                             Cut the Lady in Red and the 'Live' word from your 6x6 paper pad.

Cut the 6x6 patterned paper as pictured including the extended flower images from the bottom edge of the paper and the flower petals at the top. Cut out the red flower separately.

Layer the cardstock doily onto the chipboard doily. Centre the circular image from the lady print. Add the Live and the red flower using 3d foam.
Cut a strip from the 6x6 pattern as pictured and ink the edges in a green ink.

Over lap the two halves of the 6x6 that were cut earlier and edge them in red ink. Distress the edges of the green strip and attach the as pictured.
Using the decorative dies, cut a Curling Florette and a Curling Floral from the Jungle cardstock. Cut the Curling Floral into two pieces as pictured.

                                                Ink the tips of the die cuts in a red ink.

Create a card base from the Carnelian cardstock 17.5cm high x 25cm long. Score in half and ink the edges in white. Cut a Snow White mat, 16cm high x 11.8cm wide and cut and distress a Jungle mat, 15.7cm high 11.3cm wide. Layer the three to form the base.

                     Cut the three floral sections from the 6x6 patterned paper as pictured.

Attach the patterned piece to the card base and begin to arrange the die pieces and floral cut outs.

Attach the Curling Florette and the bottom half of the Curling Floral as pictured. Tuck in and attach the floral cut outs with 3d foam and embellish with Adhesive Pearls.

Attach the top piece of the Curling Floral die cut under the 'Live' panel as pictured and embellish with the Adhesive pearls. Attach the floral cutout on top of the Live with 3d foam.

                                         Thankyou so much for looking, happy creating!!

Products used:
ULT158031 Bohemian Bouquet 6x6 paper pad.
ULT158058 Curling Florette Decorative Die
ULT158064 Curling Floral Decorative Die
ULT158074 Bohemian Doily Die Set
ULT158368 Bouquet Doily Chipboard
ULT20001 Snow White cardstock
ULT200068 Carnelian Cardstock
ULT200038 Jungle Cardstock
CO724637 Perfect Plum 3mm Adhesive Pearls
CO724641 Grass Green 3mm Adhesive Pearls
CO725376 2mm Premium Adhesive Pearls